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- Cleaning Services -

The Most Vigilant Floor Care Company Dubai

Professional Floor Care Dubai

  • Complete floor care
  • Stain removal
  • Tile cleaning
  • Tile polishing
  • Floor washing
  • Mopping
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Commercial Dubai Floor Care Cleaning

  • Exceptional floor care for commercial facilities
  • Removal of stains and spots
  • Fixing discolored tiles
  • Repairing broken tiles
  • The use of advanced equipment
  • The use of best eco-friendly and non-toxic products
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Domestic Floor Care Cleaning In Dubai

  • Removal of dry soil
  • Removal of grime
  • Disinfecting kitchen floor
  • Disinfecting bathroom floor
  • Wet floor treatment
  • Drying and mopping the floor
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The Best Floor Care Cleaning Company Dubai

  • Expert floor cleaning service
  • Trained and experienced floor cleaners
  • Removal of stubborn spots
  • Customize the floor care cleaning solution
  • All-inclusive floor cleaning services
  • Commercial and domestic floor cleaning
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See What Our Clients Have to Say About
Our Top Cleaning Services Dubai!

"Being a mother of three, my floors would get dirty in no time. No matter how hard I try, the stubborn stains won’t get removed. Then my sister told me about Yalla Cleaning Company. They put an end to my never-ending worries regarding floor care and cleaning. With their floor cleaning services, my apartment floor looks good as new. "

- Ghazala Khan -

"Whenever I arrange a family gathering at my place, my floors get super dirty. Dust and dirt, along with grime, make my floors appear disgusting. Thanks to Yalla Cleaning, I don’t need to spend the entire scrubbing my floors. All I need to do is to make a call and book an appointment with Yalla floor cleaners. And then, my floors are cleaned within a matter of time."

- Zohra Malik -

"When your floors are light-colored, it’s hard to keep them cleaned if you have pets. When I invite guests over, I need to mop them off. However, the stubborn spots are hard to clean. Thanks to Yalla Cleaning for taking my worries away. Now, all I need to do is to book an appointment a few hours before the guests arrive and have my floors cleaned by the professional floor cleaners. "

- Samana Ahmad -

Over 100+ Cleaning Companies in Dubai Registered with us.

- reason -

Reasons to Get Your Floors Cleaned By the Experts At Yalla Cleaning!

There are several reasons why you need to trust floor cleaning experts at Yalla Cleaning.

Professional Floor Care Services

For professional floor cleaning service in Dubai, rely on none other than Yalla Cleaning. We have extensive experience in the cleaning industry and know how to complete every job with perfection.

All-Inclusive Floor Cleaning

Yalla Cleaning professional floor cleaners cover all aspects of floor cleaning from dry soil removal to washing and mopping, we are the expert floor cleaners for your homes and offices.

Floor Care Cleaning At An Affordable Price

Our expert floor care services are available for the lowest possible rates. You don’t need to go out of your pocket to get every nook and cranny of your floors cleaned.

Honesty is the best policy.

We communicate honestly. No hidden fees, no surprises, no upsells! Only honest work and trustworthy staff.

We Are the Best Floor Cleaners You Will Find In Dubai!

No matter how clean or organized your house is, it can never be genuinely cleaned if the floors look dirty. Be it dark or light-colored; every floor needs to be cleaned professionally to improve the ambiance of your home or office. It’s also your responsibility to keep your family healthy. If you have young children at home, your floors should be mopped off, disinfected, and sanitized.

If you own an office, your floors make the first impression. Therefore, you need to get them professionally cleaned to improve the environment of your living and workspace and make it more relaxing for the residents and the employees.

That’s what the floor cleaning experts at Yalla Cleaning do for you. They are adept in the best and the latest floor cleaning techniques and know-how to clean to the desire of their clients. When it comes to floor cleaners, we provide you a variety of options to choose from.

You can select the cleaners who meet your budgetary limits and provide you the service that you have been expecting from the professional floor cleaners.

We offer:

  • Expert floor cleaning services whenever you need them.
  • Professional floor cleaning service for both homes and offices.
  • Step by step floor cleaning by the experts.
  • Powerful equipment for floor cleaning.
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic floor cleaning products.
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Why Get Your Floors Cleaned By Yalla Cleaning Experts?

If not appropriately maintained, floors of work and living space wear out and lose its pristine shine. Therefore, it’s vital to get the floors professionally cleaned and taken care of by the professionals. That’s where Yalla Cleaning experts help you.

They use the most effective techniques, equipment, and products to clean your floors to perfection. No matter how stained or spotted your floors our, the expert cleaners registered with us will make sure to leave your floors spotlessly clean.

Yalla Cleaning experts offer their services at the best rates you won’t get anywhere else. No matter what the situation of your floor is, our experts will find a way to restore it to its original state. We understand how clean floors add to the ambiance of your home or office.

Thus, we make sure only to send the specialized floor cleaners to your way. 

  • With our services by your side, you don’t need to worry about your lifeless and dull floors.
  • We offer you the convenience to book our services from the comfort of your home.
  • We can fix any damaged floors and tiles.
  • With regular floor cleaning, we make sure that your floors sparkle when your guests arrive.
  • With exceptional spot treatment, we make sure that your floors look good as new.

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- Frequently Asked Questions -

If you have any questions or queries, email us

* Why Is It Crucial to Clean Your Floors?

Floor cleaning is essential to improve the ambiance and the aura of your home or office. Sparkling floors leave a good impression on your guests.

* Why Are Yalla Floor Cleaners the Best?

Yalla floor cleaners have years and years of industry experience. They use the most advanced equipment and products to clean your floors.

* Why Are Yalla Cleaning Services Best for Homes With Children And Pet?

We use the highest quality non-toxic products to clean your floors.

* How Often Should You Get Tiled Floor Cleaning Services?

You should get your tiled floors cleaned at least once a week.

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