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- Cleaning Services -

Get the Hassle-Free Housekeeping Services Dubai

Professional Housekeeping Dubai

  • Comprehensive housekeeping services
  • Dusting furniture
  • Polishing fixtures and furniture
  • Cleaning toilets
  • Cleaning kitchens
  • Making beds and tucking linens
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All-Inclusive Dubai Housekeeping

  • Sanitization of toilets
  • Sanitization of kitchen and bathroom countertops
  • Maintenance of clean, sanitary and kitchen area
  • Window cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
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Reliable Housekeeping Services Dubai

  • Pre-inspection of house
  • Vacuuming floors and carpets
  • Sweeping floor
  • Mopping floor
  • Loading, unloading and folding laundry
  • Ironing clothes
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Exceptional Housekeeping Services

  • Deep cleaning the entire home and office
  • Maintenance of  bathrooms and kitchen
  • Window cleaning
  • Curtain and drapery cleaning
  • Tidying up all rooms of the house
  • Emptying trash and disposing of garbage
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Here’s What Our Customers Say

See what our satisfied customers have to say about our housekeeping cleaning services!

"Before accepting my new job, I was worried about my regular household chores. Thanks to Yalla Cleaning, I don’t have to worry about anything anymore. The expert cleaners at Yalla Cleaning took the job responsibly and at the lowest possible pricing. "

- Zeenat Shahid -

"Housecleaning is something I have always loathed. Yalla Cleaning has taken this hassle for me. Now I don’t have to worry about cleaning my house every day. The trained cleaners do it all for me. "

- Rema Salam -

"Working 9-5 job, I hardly found time to clean my apartment. My life would start to get messy as my apartment clutters. But I never had time to clean. Thanks to Yalla Cleaning, I can relax in a cleaned apartment when I get home from work. "

- Zia Islam -

Over 100+ Cleaning Companies in Dubai Registered with us.

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Reasons Why You Need to Hire Yalla Cleaning for Housekeeping!

​Housekeeping is the need of every house. It keeps you and your family healthy and your home sparkling clean. The expert cleaners who register with Yalla Cleaning are committed to providing you the Best Housekeeping Service in Dubai. They treat your house just like their own and make sure every service is delivered to meet your expectations.

Committed Cleaners

The Yalla Cleaning experts are committed to serving you to satisfaction. They have all that takes to leave your house spick and span at the end of the service.

All-Inclusive Cleaning

​With our services at your disposal, you don’t have to hire separate individuals for separate cleaning tasks. The expert cleaners at Yalla Cleaning cover you for everything that comes under housekeeping.

Liable Cleaners

The cleaners who have registered with us are responsible for their services. They have a good market reputation and know-how to mold their services according to your desires.

Honesty is the best policy.

We communicate honestly. No hidden fees, no surprises, no upsells! Only honest work and trustworthy staff.

Yalla Cleaning Serves You With the Best Housekeeping Services In Dubai!

For everyone, his house is his sanctuary. It is that place where you relax and rest your bones after you get back from a long day of work. You can’t enjoy your time at home if it’s cluttered, messy and untidy. However, in this fast pacing world, nobody has the time for the household chores. If you experience the same thing daily, don’t worry! Yalla Cleaning has got you covered. With our expert cleaners at your doorstep, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up your chaotic home. Our cleaners will clean your home to your desire.

You can trust us for everything that comes under the category of housekeeping. From floor-sweeping to mopping, vacuuming to carpet cleaning, curtain and drapery cleaning, kitchen and bathroom maintenance, disinfection and sanitization, we offer you all. We use marketing leading and the most advanced equipment to clean your living space to perfection. Rely on us for:

  • Expert housekeeping services for households and offices in Dubai.
  • A deep cleaning service is available for every nook and corner of your home and office.
  • Powerful machinery is used to clean your curtains, drapes, and carpets.
  • Guarantee to use eco-friendly cleaning products for homes with children and pets.
  • Experienced cleaners come with years and years of experience.
  • Use of the latest technology to clean your premises to perfection.
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Why Choose Yalla Housekeeping Cleaners for Your Home?

The knowledge and experience of the Yalla Cleaning experts are what sets us apart. They are trained in cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing every room of your house to perfection. They are experienced to meet every requirement you have regarding your home. Also, they can adapt to every situation.

Our cleaners are willing to learn new skills to improve their services all the time. They have all that takes to accommodate their client’s requirements. They adhere to the highest cleaning standards and pre-inspect your house before planning a set of services that meets your needs.

No matter how cluttered or dirty your house is, Yalla Cleaning is all set to put an end to all your worries. We offer you several options to choose from. No matter what your budget is, a cleaning expert is waiting for you to hire. We are the cleaners you can trust and feel safe and letting into your home. Every cleaner registered with us is vetted, and police checked to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

  • Our cleaning experts are carefully selected on merit.
  • Our cleaners offer housekeeping services customized to your needs.
  • Get housekeeping services at your doorsteps at any time you want with us.
  • With the best equipment and the most non-toxic products, we are all set to clean every nook and cranny of your house.

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- Frequently Asked Questions -

​Got questions? Email your concerns at
We will answer you as soon as possible.

* What to Expect From Yalla Cleaning Housekeeping Experts?

Yalla Cleaning housekeeping experts are trained in all sorts of housekeeping services. With regular mopping, vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, kitchen, and bathroom maintenance, they make sure that your home welcomes you as you get there. 

* How Often Should You Get Housekeeping Services?

Your house should be cleaned daily. If your professional life doesn’t let you do that, hire housekeepers to clean your living space regularly.

* Which Services Come Under Housekeeping Cleaning?

Housekeeping cleaning includes dusting, furniture polishing, curtain, and drapery cleaning, kitchen and bathroom cleaning, room tidying, and a lot more.

* Why Is Yalla Cleaning Company Trusted Nationwide?

We offer you more than a hundred options to choose from. Every company registered with Yalla Cleaning is highly vetted and experienced in its expertise.

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Become a Cleaner with Yalla Cleaning. We offer great staff incentives, excellent industry opportunities and an unparalleled work culture.


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